JIOFI.LOCAL.HTML Router Login Password Username Change Settings

jiofi.local.html is a local domain name which points to While the later one is used worldwide on virtually every router; Jiofi.local.html is used only in the Jiofi routers. Jiofi dongles use the address jiofidongel.local.html. If you want to know more about jiofi.local.html login, please read this entire page carefully word by word. I bet you will ever ask any question about this after you read this page.

What Is Jiofi.Local.html

As i already told you earlier this is a local domain name which is used to access jiofi 4g routers admin dashboard. You can only access this IP if his device is connected to the jiofi network. Otherwise, you will see an error message in your browser saying: “This site can’t be reached. Jiofi.Local.html took too long to respond.”. Moreover, you can also access your wifi routers admin page by typing the IP address in chrome’s address bar.


How to login Jiofi.Local.html IP Address?

  • First, make sure you connect your computer or smartphone to jiofi network.
  • Type http://jiofi.jocal.html/ manually into your browser’s address bar. If you want, then you can also click on the login link which i have shared above.
  • Enter your username and password to login to your router. “administrator” is the default username and password of any JioFi router.

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How to change jiofi router password?

It’s very easy to change the jiofi router password; you can even change the username or jiofi network name. Just follow the step by step instructions below to do the same.

After you log in to router dashboard go to Setting>WiFi; there you will see all the tabs to change the login credentials of your router.

What to do if you forget your Jiofi.local.html password and username?

Maybe you have already login for the first time, and you have changed the default username and password for your router. Now you can’t recall what you have set. So what can you do now? The solution is easy you can just reset your jiofi router and follow the instructions above to login for the first time. Problem solved 😉

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